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Abstract of UGC Guidelines for OPs/RCs


For Orientation Programme - Newly appointed lecturers up to six years of continuous service and all those teachers who require OP for getting a higher grade are eligible to participate. Attendance should be a condition for confirmation and the same course will be counted for getting promotion to senior scale.

For Refresher Course - Participation in the OP is a prerequisite for admission. However, in exceptional cases a teacher may be allowed to complete a RC prior to completion of an OP. There should be a minimum gap of one year between an OP and RC, and also between two RCs, though it may be relaxed if an adequate number of participants are not available or it is essential for the teacher to fulfill eligibility condition for his career advancement.

Part time/Ad hoc/Temporary/Contract teachers who have been teaching for at least three academic sessions in an institution which has been affiliated to a University for at least two years are also eligible to participate in the OPs/ RCs to enhance their skills.

Orientation Programme will be of 4 weeks duration with minimum of 24 working days (excluding Sundays) and 144 contact hours (six hours a day). The RC will be of 3 weeks duration with minimum of 18 working days (excluding Sundays) and 108 contact hours (six hours a day). If a participant fails to complete the requisite contact hours in a programme, he may be permitted to make up for the backlog hours at own cost in another programme by the ASC concerned.

Evaluation of Participants:
Experts, preferably external, will assess the participants on the basis of multiple choice objective tests and give grades to participants, taking also into account the other evaluations. The grading should be as follows:

1.  A 75% and above

2.  B 60% to less than 75%

3.  C 50% to less than 60%

4.  F below 50%

Those teacher participants who get Grade F are required to repeat the programme after a gap of one year without financial commitment to UGC-HRDC.

The total marks are fixed at 100 and the same is divided in the following manner:

1.  Seminars/participant presentation 15

2.  Project/survey/others 20

3.  Micro-teaching/participation 10

4.  Multiple choice objective tests 30

5.  Holistic response 25 (punctuality, regularity, initiative, conduct, responsiveness, etc.)

TA to Participants:
Teacher participants will be paid A/C III railway fare (all trains) or A/C deluxe bus fare, on production of tickets.

Minimum Number of Participants:
The minimum number of participants in RCs should be 30 and in OPs 30, failing which the course may be called off and HRDC will not bear the expenses incurred on TA.

Registration Fee:
Selected participants have to pay an admission fee (non-refundable) of Rs. 1,000/- through an account payee bank draft in favour of "Director, NEHU, ASC" payable at the State Bank of India, NEHU, Code 4295.

Release Order:
Selected participants must obtain their release order from their college/university before joining the programme/course.